New Water Supply

Aguanaut creates new water supplies by treating brackish groundwater, surface water and wastewater. We take the risk out of new water production by providing water desalination as a service to agricultural, municipal, industrial, and oil and gas producing customers.

We are project developers, technologists and finance specialists focused on creating new sources of fresh water in inland areas affected by salt and other contaminants. Aguanaut has expertise managing complex regulatory, technical and contractual requirements in water and energy. We are dedicated to reducing the risk of future water shortages for farmers, communities and industries.

Peter F. Moritzburke

In 2018 Peter founded Aguanaut to create new sources of water in regions impacted by brackish groundwater. He has worked in water resources, traditional and renewable power development, and energy market and strategy consulting for over 22 years. He brings expertise in water and solar startup management, project development and execution, and team formation and leadership to Aguanaut. See Peter's LinkedIn profile for more detail.

Aguanaut develops, builds, owns and operates water desalination facilities and supplies water to agricultural, municipal and industrial customers under contract. We handle all project life cycle risks including brine recycling or disposal. Aguanaut provides water desalination as a service using the most economic technologies available including reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, capacitive deionization and others depending on water quality requirements.

Aguanaut currently is working with farmers, water districts, and oil and gas producers in the California Central Valley. As our company grows we will work with partners on projects in other parts of California, the Southwest, Texas and beyond.

Please email us about your new water supply needs and other inquiries. Thank you!